Falkirk Funduro Practise Day

Saturday the 12th Nov was a cold but gorgeous blue sky day.

The Squirrel were out in force for a double dip day of guiding small and large individuals around the trails likely to be used in the Muckmedden Falkirk Day and Night Funduro and Mini Funduro.

Blog pictures by Yvonne Hay. Click the links below for the super pictures by Evka Kuspka. Drop us an email if you want a high res version of any of them.

Junior Ginger Camp

The morning was spent taking the Junior tour of the trails likely to be used in the Mini Funduro.

We grabbed lunch from the awesome Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative goodie bags which have been used all year with great success to hold the lunches,spare clothes and stickers from our supporters like Endura . Then off we went for ice cream and hot chocolate at the Milk Barn, before a trip back around the back of Callendar estate trails.


Split into different groups of ability there was fireroads, berms,videos and the occasional nap in a ditch for an over zealous young gun. There is a video to come from one of the Junior Squirrels once he finishes editing his masterpiece.


Reports are in, and there was lots of sound sleepers after their distance of circa 17km.


Pictures Here

Muckmaiden Ladies Day – Muckmedden Events

The afternoon seen a huddle of ladies head of for coaching with Progression Bikes on the gap jump and larger drops.

Followed by the ladies night ride with Ginger Squirrel as the evening arrived and darkness fell.


Starting off with a rooty challenge ridden blind. It is not steep, but the trees were tight and wood was slidey. Nicky who is involved with Alyth Making Tracks took the win. Her blue peter prize was a candle. We used a sticker to customise this one. No drunken spelling mistakes or finger gluing that way.


Here is the candle with a puppy. Awwwwwww

The skies were clear, the supermoon was 1 day away. A good time was had rummaging around off piste heather bashing and zipping around trails forwards and backwards with no one to bump into.

Its always a unique experience night riding with this many women on awkward rooty tracks. You cannot see the riders, just their lights in the trees, accompanied by whoops and squeals of delight as they slide out then grip on the loam.

Afterwards we headed back to Canada Wood Kitchen for chips, chilli and cheese. Not your ordinary ones. These handcut chips had sliced chillies. They even broke rules and covered the Mocha drinks in the cream and marshmallows the hot chocolates had.[Ed, you should check these out in the photos.]

The best bit is…. they get to do it all over again in 2 weeks time.

Pictures here

If you haven’t already entered, or participated in a night ride race with hundreds of races, then get on it. Its a really unusual and enjoyable experience. The tracks are not the scariest, or most technical. But its a great social event to get different level of skill together to enjoy a day and night in the woods carefree.

Entry for children and adult races is here

Meanwhile…. it will take 2 weeks to clear up and organise this lot..


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