Mini Muckathlon – Practise, Coaching & Race Day Combo Deal

What is a Mini- Muckathlon?

It is Muckmedden Event beginner friendly duathlon aimed at children. The run (or walk) section will be approx 500metre. The cycle portion approx 3km and no harder than blue grade MTB trails.

Suitable for 6-13 year old.

Suitable for any type of hybrid or MTB with wheels of 16 inch+ .

Some offroad tyres would be an advantage (no road slicks).

Where and When is the Mini-Muckathlon?

The event is one of the many activities at the MTB Festival happening the 23-25th June 2017 in Newburgh (fife coastal). Other activities to name but a few is: adult duathlon – adult MTB racing – Toddler bike racing – Bouncy Castle – Climbing Wall – Farmer’s Market – Pumptrack – Beer Festival – Adventure Circus – Kid’s Storytelling Sessions – Delicious Local Food – Giant Waterslide – Funky Mountain Climb – Face Painting – Barley Dual Slalom Tournament – Kids Mini Muckathlon – Live Music – Camp Fires – Silent Disco.

Head over to MTB Festival for more details or click here for FAQ

GSA are most intrigued by the return of the giant waterslide and funky mountain. Funky mountain sounds like a cross between color run and tough mudder. Best of all everyone old or young gets free unlimited access as part of their festival pass (£5kids, £10 adults) . Its June so remember your trunks and li-lo

What is the Practise, Coaching & Race Entry Combo Deal?

Ginger Squirrel Adventures has teamed up with Muckmedden events to make this event more accessible and beginner friendly.

GSA will run a practise day in Beecraigs a few weeks in advance where the children can experience the format of run/walk then bike.

As the cycle section on race day is going to include the Barley Field descent will will replicate this in the grass area in Beecraigs and provide 1 hour dual slalom coaching. It is fantastic fun sliding around once you have the hang of it.

Also an important part of the combo deal is the kids get to meet others, and on race day all the Ginger Squirrels will meet up and Chief Squirrel and the crew will explain sign up and help the parents get numbers boards and point you all in the right direction for the first timers. Race day meet up is optional, if your an old pro at it, then do your own thing.

How do I get a combo deal?

If you have no tickets at all then grab a combo deal via GSA booking in a one-stop shop purchase. If you already have your Muckmedden entry, then you just need to book the Practise day ticket.

Combo Price (£30) includes:

-Practice Afternoon – Sunday 4th June 2017(run practise, ride practise, snack and 1 hour dual slalom coaching)
-Race Entry (1x childs muckathlon)
-MTB Festival entry (1 x childs MTB festival)

Plus an Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative water bottle and cage gift.

Practise Day only (£20) includes:

Practise Afternoon (run practise, ride practise, snack and 1 hour dual slalom coaching)


Tickets available here

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