MTB Festival, Newburgh , Fife
Parkhill Farm, Newburgh, Fife KY14 6HH

 Sunday 11th June 2017
Women’s MTB Ride or Run Out (10am-2pm)*Competent Novice to Advanced £5 (racers)or £15 (non-racers)

Women’s Eliminator DH Demo (2-4pm)*Competent Novice to Advanced

Pedal uphill for free, or fuel donation for uplift to top of DH/Eliminator track

This day is an event in itself. We start the day by giving you the option to MTB or run the beautiful fife coastal path region then we will descend down the Eliminator track (optional). Once at the bottom we will refuel with a BBQ  burger (included in ticket price) then you can either cycle up for as many loops of the Eliminator track as you can manage in 2 hours, or you can make a donation for farmers fuel cost and jump on the tractor for a uplifts.

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