Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative – As a cooperative they are all members who are passionate about keeping to the cooperative philosophy of “run the kind of shops we want to shop in”. This means no matter which of the branches throughout the UK you visit you will always be treated with the utmost importance. They employ a large female presence, with possibly the highest numbers among all the UK bike chains. They rate their female mechanics as highly as their male counterparts. The also make sure staff treat any women who shop in their store the same as they would treat any male shopper. Which in our eyes at Ginger Squirrel Adventures is very worthwhile. We want the staff to assume we know what a rear derailler is and recommend us those gorgeous 5Tens to match our shiney DMR Vaults. Yet, still take the time to measure our saddle size on the Ass-ometer and go through all the features of the 7 Specialised saddles when we are having a girly moment and cant decide.

Gregory Accounting – A local accounting firm, who firmly support the little guys like us. When we read the “About” section we knew we wanted to work with the delightful Michelle. A cyclist who believes in mumpreneurs and freelancers is exactly who we wanted to share our passion with. We highly recommend her services and advice. 



Muckmedden Events – No other event organiser in UK separates the women’s categories as fairly as Muckmedden. We get the same amount of categories as the men. We get equal prizes as the men and they certainly don’t cut our races short as they don’t feel we are strong enough to complete the same distance as our male counterparts. What they also do, is make their events accessible to all no matter what your lifestyle and commitments. All Ginger Squirrel staff and guides hold down “normal” jobs and some have young children and this means the world to us that we can just rock up, race and be home within a single day. You also know your guaranteed a good thing when you attend an event by the organiser who coined the term “FUNduro”. It started here and its now spreading far as people appreciate the joy of all the good parts of enduro with none of the bad parts often experienced at national level enduro racing. Ginger Squirrel added to this by arranging to work with Muckmedden to provide a practise day for the ladies to meet each other in advance. This means if you want to attend a race in an unfamiliar place, you can meet some friendly faces to ride around with on the race day.


Endura was our first choice when we considered who would provide the uniforms for our Ginger Squirrel guides. Being a company who make their custom kit right here in Livingston, Scotland and keeping locals in employment rather than sending it abroad was something which resonates with our community interest company aims. When they went one step further and agreed to be one of our supporters we were thrilled to be able to fully kit our guides in a brand who we respect for their beliefs and drive to succeed and innovate. The additional bonus being that we all genuinely wear Endura clothing regularly as we find it works is the icing on the cake. It is not often your uniform is one of your favourite designers.



Foundation Scotland – In the Autumn of 2016 we successful received funding through Foundation Scotland to expand our number of guides, which in turn will result in our ability to offer more places on our led rides and widen our community reach.


kennedy coachworks

Kennedy Coachworks – A sponsor who believes that women can drive cars and race bikes exactly the same as men. A family business with many strong willed and competitive women in the background making an impact on how this business owner trades. A sponsor we are proud to recommend if you need any body work done. They can repair those scratches you created putting your bike in and out your car and they are an insurance repair specialist. If you bike falls off your roof rack and damages your car give them a call to sort you out and rest assured they will look after you.




kennedy coachworks 2

Tesco Blackburn are supporting us with our girls camps and nutrition aims.

Tesco Community Funding – Tesco Blackburn are supporting our Junior Ginger Summer Camp in 2016 and helping us in our nutritional aims and providing fruit for the girls. A local community being supported by a local supplier.