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Ginger Squirrel Adventures is delighted to be working in partnership with Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative to provide trailside mechanic classes. We have use of their classroom in their Edinburgh (Bruntsfield) Store with workstands and tools for every lady. Bring your own bike and learn how to do the essentials you need to get safely home in the event of the most common mechanicals which occur.


We also have the skills and knowledge of one of Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative’s Head Mechanics providing the training.

During the class you will learn:

  • Puncture repair

  • Tyre change / optimum set up for best grip

  • Rejoining of broken chains

  • Quick Link chain repairs

  • Solutions for broken derailleurs

  • Hanger replacement

  • Solutions for broken spokes

  • Change your own brake pads

All attendees will receive a goodie bag and 10% off in the store on the day.

Ideal if you need to get any spares. If you are unsure about your brake pad variety, we can arrange to have a fresh pair available for you on the day and you can learn to change them yourself. It is really simple once you know how.

Or you can choose to simply sit and observe this section while drinking tea (or fermented grape juice if you prefer).

Tickets will cost £30.00, with any profits going towards the girls camps we run. See our Junior Ginger Tours page for further information about these and the valuable life skills the girls learn.

We have no classes planned for the remainder of 2016, please contact us if you wish us to attend and we will see what dates we can accommodate. You should also note the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative run classes which are open to females all throughout the year.